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          小心行事 - 克拉克鞋广告

          20世纪60年代, 20世纪70年代, 时尚, 复古广告 •10202个意见• 评论关闭 胎面上轻轻 - 克拉克鞋广告

          By way of a tribute to Walter White’s Wallabees (and if you don’t know who Walter White is by now then we urge you to check out Breaking Bad ) we’ve put together a post to honour the good people at Clark’s in sunny Somerset and also the guys in Ireland who for many years made the Wallabees for Clark’s – Padmore & Barnes.

          First conceived in 1967 the Wallabee was initially manufactured in Ireland before production was transferred to Vietnam where to this day it is still made. Padmore & Barnes were owned by Clark’s for a number of years until 1987 when a management buyout gave them back their independence. Whilst they can’t call them Wallabees P&B manufacture their own version called the Original P204 which to all intents and purposes is a Wallabee but stitched in Ireland – and very handsome they are too.


          与normcore(谦逊和平均看服装 - 看到拉里·大卫指出normcore时尚图标)有一点片刻克拉克鞋,特别是它们的原始范围是回到了风头,做确实非常好。没有商标,没有多余的装饰,没有什么大惊小怪的 - 制作精良的齿轮,持续。下面我们就从一些早在一天,并要求大家议论的焦点问题他们的广告的回头一看 - 没有克拉克的突击队真的有在鞋跟指南针?




          Clarks Desert Boots

          Desert Boots

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          资源: 全新复古

          Clarks Casuals

          1965 advert clarks shoes

          clarks shoes 20世纪60年代 ad


          资源: 全新复古


          Clarks Ladies shoes 20世纪60年代

          Clarks advert

          Star Wars Sneakers

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          Clarks Commandos



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